Suggestion: A preference setting for startup behavior

Wondering if Scapple could get the kind of control over startup behavior that Scrivener offers.

I tend to open the same few ever-growing Scapple files, so I don’t have much use for the fresh new file with which the program always opens. I’d like to set the behavior to “do nothing.” Then I can use the Recent menu to open the Scapplings I need. Others might prefer a splash screen with options, I imagine. Or to always open where they left off in the previous file. It seems to me it would be nice to have these options available.

Just a suggestion.

I love the app, btw. It’s working for me where “mind-mapping” applications never did.


Just a thought, but if you Quit Scapple leaving the projects you want to work on open, then (if you’ve set the option in OS) when you open Scapple again they all appear automatically with no start-up. I’m in the same position, I have four or five maps that I use almost daily and having them open like this is very useful.



That works. Closing projects is a habit from apps that didn’t save automatically, so…good idea. Thanks!

It would still be nice to set a preference to NOT auto-create a new document (if none are left open from a previous session). Lot’s of apps offer this as a startup option.

While it’s a small thing, it creates a bit of extra work at the beginning of a session for no reason.

I understand that some folks would prefer to have a new blank sheet presented: thus a preference option for this would be useful so we have the choice.

Scapple is a standard document-based app so follows standard OS X rules in this regard - the behaviour is all handled by OS X rather than by Scapple.

I second this request. Having the option to “Open most recent file on Startup” would be extremely useful. Right now the new blank file is a bit distracting if anything; because I usually have something in mind that I want to add to the “current” file.

Thanks - another huge fan of the application, I’ve left behind Freemind and Mindomo…

Please see my previous reply:

It works the same as Pages, Numbers, TextEdit and suchlike, following expected patterns of behaviour for standard document-based OS X apps. If you are running 10.7 or later, then the latest files you were working on will be loaded by default instead of a blank document, because this is standard behaviour on 10.7 onwards (I’m guessing, therefore, that you are on OS X 10.6?).

Glad you’re enjoying Scapple!

All the best,

This is an OS behaviour? Something new I leard about Macs. Coming from Windows and now working on a borowed snow-leopard mac mini, this is somehow weird that an OS should decide what I want a programm to react when started.

So, Lion+ must always start with the most recent projects and snow-leopard must always start with blank?


Exactly, although you can turn off the behaviour on Lion+ via the System Preferences.

Ok, one more reason to switch to a new mini. (But not before ssds are implemented as standard in minis).