Suggestion: Ability to add corners in connector lines

I’ve been using Scapple to plan character backstories, and I love how easy it is to connect plot-points and link to relevant details. But despite how I’m trying to organize my notes, I’m noticing that a lot of the connector lines tend to flow underneath other notes to get to their connected destination, rather than weave around unconnected notes.

Solution: Add corners!

I figure cornered connections could be implemented in one of two ways. The “L”-shape method could use a box-like shape with dashed borders on only two edges - This would be very rigid, but it would allow for easier-to-follow connections in projects with a good number of notes, with very minimal input from the user.

The “Z”-shape method: Allow connector lines to be “broken” with vertices/points — much like adding a new note between connected notes, by double-clicking the connector line. This might cause a little hassle if a connected note is moved (points would be freeform, much like the notes themselves), but it would allow more freedom as to where connections can be directed. Connections could also be broken and redrawn, a very simple task in itself.

I’ve been utilizing the second option with tiny note boxes to achieve this, and it gets the job done, but it’d be nice to have something like this as a legitimate feature.

Just to note: I understand that bezier curves are not an option at this point, and I’m not interested in pushing them. Lines with a couple more corners in them would be good enough.