Suggestion about .scriv package


I started using this great program since yesterday and discovered that .scriv is actually a folder not a file. Is there any reason why it is kept like that. I use Scrivener for my script outlining and more i use it more i love it. However if the file format is kept as a file rather than a folder it might be better. I use dropbox for syncing the screenplay files I have and so I believe for better network management a single zip file is better than an exploded folder. Just my two cents.

First, please see the sticky notice in technical support about using DropBox and make sure you are using it as recommended. Second, keeping everything in a single file would not be very scalable considering that Scrivener is not only a document composer, but a research compositor. There is one person on the boards that is working with a three gigabyte project file with movies in the research area. It takes long enough just to make a backup of something that big, but if the project file is kept as a package, Scrivener need only write those portions that were actually changed, to the disk. With a single file format, it would have to rewrite every bit whenever you changed so much as a single letter. Auto-save would then be out of the question, and a lot of people really like that kind of security. The only reasonable way to do things in a single file would be for Scrivener to use a full-blown relational database format, and these are prone to corruption and maintenance issues. We’d have to worry about “Rebuild Database” and “Optimise Database” menu commands and so forth.

Hi, please go through the tutorial that comes with Scrivener (recommended anyway) or refer to the Help file for an explanation of why this is so. A single file certainly would not be a good fit for Scrivener (and most users much prefer to transparent file structure).
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