Suggestion: Additional Context Menu Content

I apologize if this has already been suggested. But I couldn’t find it in a search, so here goes:

I’m currently poking around the tutorial in my trial copy of Scrivener. Now, I know it’s a simple matter to open the Inspector Panel and add a comment or footnote to highlighted text with the menus and icons found therein. But I’m minimal-clicking/short-cut kind of guy, and I think it’d be useful to have an “Add Comment/Footnote” sub-menu added to the context (right-mouseclick for Windows users) menu.

I imagine it functioning something like the image I have attached here using a few screenshots and some clumsy image editing. Adding a comment or footnote could automatically open that menu in the Inspector, even if it’s not active at the moment.

It looks like there’s already keyboard shortcuts for those:

Shift+F4 for comment
Shift+F5 for footnotes

You can also add both of these items as buttons to the format bar via Tools > Customize Toolbars if you prefer using the mouse.