I know it’s very early yet for suggestions, but… I might forget…

Anyway, there is a small application very useful for writers concerned about word repetitions. It’s called Repetition Detector, a single (free) exe file that doesn’t require installation. Here is the address:

Would be pertinent, perhaps, a similar functionality within Scrivener?


I think this already exists under the text statistics function. Just click in all the files you want to look at.


  1. Click on the files you wish to check. You can use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select multiple files.
  2. Click on Project > Text Statistics
  3. There is an arrow next to word frequency on left side
  4. Click on arrow to see word list.

See below for an example:

ScrivWinTestStat by StaceyUK, on Flickr

Thank you for the reply, Stacey. I wasn’t aware of the word frequency implementation.

However, not denying its usefulness as is, I feel that it would be more effective if its reach was extended. For example:

1 - The proximity of the repeated words within, for example, a paragraph; that would would be possible by a perceptive visual (line 2).
2 - The ability of reaching the repeated words (interactively) just by clicking them, which would display them highlighted going strait to the editor (in full screen mode). This would give us a more direct contact with text and the editing, rather than doing a search word by word.

Something to think about.


Thanks for the suggestion. Right now the goal is toward building a stable product; after that the goal will be to match the 2.0 version of Scrivener. Feature requests are probably a year or more off on the horizon. :slight_smile: