[Suggestion] Any option for v2-style toolbar icons? (Fashionable is not the same as functional.)

All the toolbar icons, and toolbar action icons, in the new version of Scrivener for Windows really, really bother me. They actually cause me to become more and more stressed and tense as I work in the new Scrivener. At least on my system, the icons are all tiny, with blurry-looking lines, and lack color-contrast.

Surely, the programmers could add a single setting (in the Appearance section of the Options interface) for a user to opt for larger, higher-contrast, and more colorful toolbar icons — in other words, to display the toolbar icons used in the previous version of Scrivener (at least those which are still relevant and applicable in this version of Scrivener) or display toolbar icons which look as distinctive, as colorful, and as easy-to-identify, as those in the previous version of Scrivener for Windows. This “old-style” icons might strike some of you as dreadfully “90s,” but they are functional, and distinctive, on any system, for any user.

In short, they are accessible! And accessibility is a priority, right?

Hello skay,

I’m sorry to hear your having problems with the UI. Other users have reported issues as well

I doubt we will have the option to use v2 icons [see post https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/nb-overall-impression-i-would-not-upgrade/40952/5 ]

Other users have asked for the option to make v3 icons larger and have more contrasing colours in their design. We’ll have to see if the suggestions get implemented by L&L.

Good evening,

I support the idea that the icons from version 1.9 are optionally available. These are much more meaningful, larger and more intuitive.

best regards

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Ich unterstütze den Gedanken, dass optional die Icons aus Version 1.9 verfügbar sind. Diese sind viel aussagekräftiger, größer und intuitiver.

I’d like to see the Binder icons editable for more contrast. Light gray against any color can be hard to see. Honestly, a darker gray would be nice.

I use the main toolbar for two things: mode select, and inspector toggle. I’d like to be able to move both of those into the formatting toolbar, because the main toolbar is very nearly a complete waste of pixels. But I can’t, for some reason, add those to a different toolbar.