Suggestion autocorrect function

I write in Spanish language and I use continually autocorrect function.
I thing is a wonder thing But for some signs of punctuation for example “!”, “?”; I replace them with “¡!”, “¿?”.

So, when I press “!” key, I need to add one space with space bar, and then return in the middle of signs, with left cursor arrow, write the expression and then use another time the cursor arrow, but in this case right arrow, to take out from sings.

I think it will be really cool if when I press por example “!”, Scrivener show “¡!” with cursor exactly in the middle (withot add any space). And obviously with any other simbol ASCII.

pd 1: I will send this message in Windows technical support because I don’t know where is the correct section.
pd 2: I hope my english is no so bad, like I think.