[Suggestion] AUtocorrect TWo INitial CAps

Not sure if this is a bug or should be a feature request, but as an aging (and fairly inept) typist, I often accidentally capitalise the first two letters of a word when I’m typing something that needs capitalisation. Ms Word nicely fixes this mistake for me. Is there any chance Scrivener might, by the time version 3.0 is finished? I would be very grateful if it proved possible. Thanks.

Don’t have any idea whether this will be incorporated into Scrivener 3, but I have an autohotkey macro that does the trick. PM me if you’d like a copy.

This functionality isn’t currently in either the Windows or Mac versions of Scrivener, but I’ve marked this thread as a suggestion for us to look at at a later date.


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Thank you for replying. The Autohotkey macro does the trick and it looks as if it could potentially do lots of others, so if other people want this functionality, please message me directly.