[Suggestion] [Beta 5] Duplicate Menu Selection

Scrivener 3Beta5 Binder Menu Dup.jpgScrivener 3Beta5 Binder Menu Dup ED.jpgMenu selection has a duplicate selection of . Testing both selections produces the exact same result. The only difference is the first one has keystroke label next to it. This duplication should not exist!!!

Hello! This is working as intended. The options below the separator will always remain the same, while the option above the separator will cycle through various options depending on where the focus currently it now. For example, when the editor is opened in vertical split screen the options will show “Binder” “Left Editor” and “Right Editor” and the top option will cycle through them. The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Tab) will adjust as well, allowing you to quickly cycle through the available panes.

Above the line changes based on circumstance.
Below the line always shows all available options.

Hopes this helps!

Working as intended? This is a non standard MSFT Windows menu behavior. Also, this is the only place in the program with this behavior. So if you think this is correct, its more like user confusion and should be implemented this way. If the menu is contextual (changes based on the program), then it should change without the duplicate menu selection. Better, to have greyed-out menu items - accessibility.