[Suggestion] Beta warning window is anoying


I’m wondering if there is a way to make the “this beta will expire in…” window less intrusive.
Maybe a way to shut it off, maybe only show it every week, maybe remove it if you enter a serial key.
The thing is I mainly use the beta at this point, as I find it stable enough. But the modal warning window stops the loading of the current project until you click OK. So when I load Scrivener, it half loads, then stops to ask me to do something, and then it continues to load. It’s very annoying.
Maybe even making the warning non-modal, or showing the window after the program stats could do the trick .

I know it’s a minor thing, and it’s in the beta, but it would be great

Just think how annoying it can get when you’re constantly opening and closing for testing! :wink: In seriousness, we do have this on our list for consideration, but it’s not a simple change (it’s not just about Scrivener but the activation software) and while it can be a little annoying, it’s not a high priority considering the other things we’re still working on to get Scrivener 3 launched–at which point, the beta warnings won’t be an issue. :slight_smile: So while we may be able to make this a little less naggy in the future, for now I’m afraid you’ll have to just keep hitting Enter.

That said, you could use a tool like AutoHotKey (free) to automate this, so e.g. you could create a script that both launched Scrivener and clicked the OK button. So rather than double-clicking Scrivener’s shortcut to launch it, you would double-click the script icon (or a Desktop shortcut to it, same as you might have for Scrivener) and it would go through the whole process for you without the additional user input.

Thanks. That’s a great solution.
If anyone else is interested, this is my autoHotkey script:

[code]#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ProgramFiles%\Scrivener3beta\ ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

Run Scrivener.exe
sleep 1500
If WinExist (“ahk_class Qt5QWindowIcon”)
ControlClick, x350 y100, Scrivener Beta
} [/code]