[SUGGESTION] -- Binder improvement

At present the top of the binder has a single header bar which says “Collections” and has the plus + and minus - symbols in the top right corner for adding or removing collections from the binder panel area … but if you want to add a new document or folder, you have to go all the way down to the bottom, and for me this is an issue, because to maximise screen real estate, I always have my windows taskbar set to autohide, but that means when I push the mouse down the bottom to click something, it can annoyingly bring up that taskbar when I don’t want it to, especially where the icon to click is very small … the other issue being that when the Scrivener application window is maximised, it seems inconvenient to have to push the cursor down to that corner to add a new document or folder.


  • in the top header bar of the binder that currently says “Collections”, create a drop down arrow so that you can select any of the following:
    [*]Collections – shows a list of standard collections you have created
  • Folders – shows a built in “collection” which is purely the folder structure of the binder
  • Files – shows a built in “collection” which is purely the files structure of the binder
    ] … and this way, when you have each selected, the icons in the corner change from allowing you to create or remove Collections, Files, or Folders ( and if you keep the ellipses icon there too, then you can also have options for each as well )[/:m]
    ]ALTERNATIVELY – instead of a drop down menu, just include “Folders” and “Files” as the first 2 default collections under the binder header-bar, and the add/remove/options icons can either all go in the one header bar ( modifying them to make a difference between the ones for Collections vs. Files, which would otherwise look the same ), OR the icons to add/remove/options for Files and Documents, can go on their own collection bar under that header bar.[/*:m][/list:u]

The likelihood is that most of the time you will leave it set on adding files, as your folders are likely to be set up early as structure, not being added to much, and then occasionally you’ll switch to Collections then back again to files/documents, when you think of some new way you want to view a collection other than just using the actual binder structure … but the point being, with this minor change, those buttons are more accessible rather than sitting down in the very bottom corner of the screen.