[Suggestion] Bundle default fonts on all platforms?

Hi. I’ve been using Scrivener 3 for my project and working on in both on Windows, macOS and iOS. It’s been going really well, and I’ve been really enjoying the Windows port (:

But I’m wondering if it would be wise to bundle a font set with both the macOS and Windows versions and set these as default, so that the fonts do not change when you open a project on the opposite platform?

Anyway - beyond this the port is working quite well for me now.

I suspect that would not be possible because Apple license some fonts for their operating systems and Microsoft license others for Windows. The only solution is to choose fonts (such as Times or Georgia) that are available on both systems.

Another approach is to acquire a few fonts and install them on all your systems. There are many fonts free for commercial use.

I’ve switched to Courier Prime. Works fine since I’ll do any final formatting outside Scrivener.