Suggestion: Cheats for keyboard shortcuts

I have seen only one other piece of software do this and it was invaluable. It would be awesome to be able to toggle a listing of keyboard shortcuts to show up at the bottom of the screen so that we don’t have to think…hey how do I make the arrow go both ways…in the middle of brainstorming. It would only need to be there for a period of time until we learn the program (some people would leave it there forever), but it would still be awesome to have. It could be highly graphical (show a small double arrow right next to a shift command sign). I find myself having to go through nested menu items just to find a simple way to make the connections. I like others will learn these…but I just thought it would be a nice touch.

Check out Cheat Sheet. It’s a free utility that works across apps - simply press & hold the Cmd key and all the commands for the active app are displayed. It requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.