[Suggestion] Ctrl+K Splits at Selection (Should Add Link Now)

Scrivener 3.0 has updated functionality of the Ctrl+K to use that keyboard shortcut to create links.

From Mac release notes:
“The keyboard shortcut Cmd-K is now used for “Add/Edit Link” in keeping with many other apps. “Split at Selection” now uses Opt-Cmd-K and “Split with Selection as Title” uses Shift-Opt-Cmd-K.”

Currently, Windows Beta 11 still splits at selection rather than creating a link when pressing Ctrl+K, whether text is selected or not.

Alt+Ctrl+K interestingly enough opens my Kindle Reader app on my PC whether I have text selected or not.

Shift+Alt+Ctrl+K appears to do nothing.

Version: Beta (404521) 64-bit - 10 Dec 2018
Windows 10 Home

Hmm. Under Options->Keyboard, it does say that Ctrl-K does split at selection.
Shift+ctrl+k is supposed to split with selection as title.
Edit link has no shortcut applied to it, it seems.

Alt+Ctrl+K may be a Windows 10 hotkey for Kindle? I don’t see that shortcut as a default for anyting in Scrivener.

If the functionality is supposed to match the Mac version’s as nearly as possible, the shortcuts should be changed; you’re right.

Hi guys, the Mac release notes are not related to the Windows release notes at the moment. It would be nice to unify shortcuts between Mac and Windows as much as possible, but also raises a lot of issues due to the fact that under Windows we match the Word shortcuts first(Windows users are much more used to Word shortcuts). Feel free to adjust the shortcuts as they fit you inside the File > Options > Keyboard section. Still, thank you for reporting this SteveCoombes, and we will review this shortcut change for future releases.

Just for the record I posted the Windows Beta 11 bug based on this thread conversation along with the understanding Scrivener 3 for Windows would match Scrivener 3 for Mac functionality:

Also, I use the latest Microsoft Word (Office 365) on Windows 10 and highlighting text then pressing Ctrl+K brings up the Insert Hyperlink dialog box which means Ctrl+K’s default behavior in Word is to add a link.

In the meanwhile, I did locate the Windows Hotkey that was opening Kindle with a Ctrl + Alt + K and removing it (steps below for anyone else having this issue who would like to change or remove a hotkey interfering with Scrivener’s). This allowed me to reassign the three hotkeys in Scrivener to match the Mac documentation / functionality I expected using your suggested File->Options->Keyboard tool.

That worked brilliantly! Not only did that allow me to correct the functionality to what I expected for the shortcut keys, it even updated the menu item to show the new shortcut key. Excellent! :smiley:

Since we’re both trying to match Mac functionality for Scrivener 3 and Word’s default key functionality where the default Ctrl+K action in Word is to add/edit a hyperlink, it seems it would be worth fixing this for the main release at least.

How to Change the Windows App Hotkey

  1. Right-click the app icon
  2. Select Properties
  3. On the Shortcut tab of the Properties dialog, click to enter the Shortcut key field and backspace to remove the shortcut or type a new shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + Alt + K for Kindle)

Note: I have the Kindle app in my taskbar and had to right-click the shortcut there, then right-click the Kindle app in that menu to see the Properties option. So two right-clicks in that case for step 1 if you’re like me. See image.