[Suggestion] Date format in Project Targets is ambiguous

The format of the date in the project target is ambiguous, or rather US-centric and shoud be localized.
Menu item: Project | Project Targets | Options

The user is presented with a field for a date displayed as 11/30/18 which is very ambiguous. My Scrivener is in English (and I love it that way) but my OS is in Spanish and therefore the locale of my OS is Spanish.

When I look at that date it would be OK if I lived all my life in the US, but in mainland Europe and Latinamerica that date format would be interpreted in a different way by the user.

I propose a user option for the date formats used in the application, the format I like is even different than the format used by my OS locale and different from US locale. So it would be nice if the user could specify the format for the date. For example: dd MMM yyyy which would translate to 05 Nov 2018 which is very specific and unambiguous.