Suggestion: Default doc in place of "No Bookmark Selected"

The “No Bookmark Selected” display pane is an inefficient use of its space. Since Scrivener has the preview mechanism already in place, I’d like the pane to display a default document of the user’s choice when no bookmark is selected. This would become a ready spot for free-form links, reminders, special characters and formatting instructions, like the Project Notes of prior versions or Home on the browser. It’s more compact than displaying the same in a Quick Reference, and of course would yield its pane to any bookmark we cared to examine.

Thanks for considering!

Rgds - Jerome

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I think it would be confusing to have an arbitrary document shown there when nothing is selected.

Instead, what should happen when you load a document is that the first bookmark is selected and shown in the preview area.

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Following up on this for Windows, because I misread the initial request (it’s possible to deselect bookmarks and have no selection, or of course to have no document bookmarks at all and so see the “No Bookmark Selected” text), currently Windows isn’t automatically loading the top bookmark as a speed issue, but this is on our list. Sorry for the confusion!