[Suggestion] Dictionaries, old and new

Over the years I have added probably hundreds of words to my Scrivener dictionary. Now with this Beta version, I’m having to do it all over again. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to export/import our previous dictionaries?

Also, this may only be my preference, but I wish Scrivener would add all versions of a word, whether it be captalised, lower case, or plural. It really slows writing down when I have autocorrect enabled.

Agreed, I’ve taught Scrivener many German names with umlaut, etc, and was hoping there might be a way to carry them over.

Good evening,

I support the idea and would like to add to it.

The German dictionary can only be installed by download.

This is difficult with an offline computer.

Please publish a URL where the German dictionary files can be downloaded.

( e.g. here in the forum or even better, if Scrivener detects that the computer is offline)

Thank you

— This is an automatic translation of the following German text. —

Guten Abend,

Ich unterstütze den Gedanken und möchte ihn ergänzen.

Das deutschsprachige Wörterbuch kann nur per Download installiert werden.

Bei einem offline Computer gestaltet sich das schwierig.

Bitte veröffentlichen Sie eine URL, wo die deutschsprachigen Wörterbuch Dateien heruntergeladen werden können.

( z.B. hier im Forum oder noch besser, wenn Scrivener erkennt, dass der computer offline ist )

Vielen Dank