Suggestion: Disabling the auto correct i in English as well

Hi, congratulations on the release of 2.3!

One of the changes that caught my attention was the fact that the auto- correction of ‘i’ to ‘I’ was disabled by default in other languages… I disabled it manually ages ago, but any chance that this change may spread to the English version as well? Here are two reasons why I find this particular ‘feature’ incredibly annoying:

The first one is that if I have lost count of how many times I have made a mistake typing 'it, ‘is’, ‘in’ or ‘if’ that comes across looking like ‘i’. When the program doesn’t auto-correct that stands out and I can then decide if I mean ‘I’, ‘it’, ‘is’, ‘in’ or ‘if’, otherwise this one is all too easy for the problem to be overlooked. If I see an i where it doesn’t belong I know something’s gone wrong.

The second one is that sometimes I really mean ‘i’. This is especially true when I want to type something like V.i when making a list, or in the case of Scrivener when indicating a scene. I really don’t need the program to switch that to V.I for me because it really should be i.

I know it is a minor nitpick. I absolutely love Scrivener, and that is something I disable in every instance, so it’s not like it is a problem only with Scrivener, but if you made that change for other languages, you may want to consider making it the default across the board.


Not really on this one, sorry - it’s there to disable easily enough if you want, but I personally find it useful, as do many others, I think. Remember that if it does auto-capitalise when you don’t want it to, you can immediately hit cmd-Z and it will be de-capitalised (I think I’m making up words now) immediately.

The reason it’s disabled for other languages is that other languages use “i” for “and” and suchlike, so capitalising it is wrong.

Thanks for your feedback though!

All the best,