[Suggestion] Editing styles in-place

Continuing from this discussion. I’m suggesting the following enhancement for editing styles through the “styles” panel:

  1. R-click style, choose “edit style”(or right click a blank space and choose “define style”)
  2. Cursor starts blinking in line after the style name (or in a new line if a new style is defined)
  3. Modify the style using the regular formatting toolbar, optionally editing the name as well
  4. Press Enter confirm and apply (or Esc to discard)


  1. Modifying the styles through the styles menu keeps functionality where it’s needed, instead of spreading it over disparate elements of the UI, allowing for an easier and more effective interaction that achieves the same goal.
  2. More specifically, using the text as a controller for that interaction complicates the mental model where the text is just a passive receptor for other controllers to act on. Keeping the text separate from the this suggestion separates the two, keeping the data and tools separate.
  3. Providing familiar and otherwise useful functionality eases the migration process for new users accustomed to using other programs where that functionality exists.

You should probably post this in the Wishlist forum, as I believe the behavior you are not happy with is how the current Mac version also works – and the goal of the Windows beta is to get as close to the Mac version as possible, not to suggest what essentially are new features/functionality…