[SUGGESTION] Editor Character AND Word Count

Scrivener for Windows 3 Version Beta (894377) 64-bit - 13 Apr 2020 running on Windows 10

This might be a non-issue for everyone but me, but I believe, in the editor, users should have the option of showing on the status bar both the character count and the word count (all the time.)

I’d be happy with this either as an option in the Editor section of the Options dialog, or perhaps toggled by clicking on the status bar in the editor as we have to do now to see the character count, but have both word and character count, or only one or the other as the user chooses, remain up full time when the user goes back to writing.

Update: Scrivener for Windows 3 HiDPI RC14
Version Beta (1155038) 64-bit - 30 Dec 2020

This has gone from still being a problem for me to being a huge problem because I just noticed that now the count at the bottom of the editor is characters, not words.

WTH? How long’s this been going on?

I cannot say I like that development at all.

If you open the Options Dialog, the Editing Tab and Options, there is a Live Counts show drop down from which you can select Words, characters and characters - no spaces. It looks as if you have set your to display characters.

Note: this is already available if you put your mouse pointer over the word count as shown here:
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-01-03 132154 - hover.png[/attachment]
As it says in that dialog, if you click on it you have more selections and such if you click there (as shown here):
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-03 132253 - clicked.png[/attachment]
Hope that helps.

I repeat:

I know I can mouseover, but I don’t want to when I’m typing away.

It really ought to be an option somewhere as to what should be shown all the time (and certainly not, by default, a character count only! That’s fairly useless.)

For my money, Scrivener beta is becoming more and more anti-keyboard and I do not like that. It is, after all, a writing program, and writing means (on a computer at least) keyboarding.

If I had my way, when my butt is in the chair, my fingers would never leave the keyboard. (Who’s with me?)

But I appreciate you taking the time to try to help.

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To be fair, this is less of a Scrivener specific issue and more of a general computing issue.

There are times where I have considered purchasing an eye tracker and playing with the state of the art for that technology as a replacement/supplement for mousing.

The Win and Mac versions are supposed to have feature parity, wherever it’s possible.

Have you looked at Tools → Options → Editing - the Options tab → “Live count shows” ?

Is there nothing similar to what exists in the Mac version?

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 09.03.47.png[/attachment]

Okay. Wow. Thanks. Never saw that before. It’s a dropdown in Windows RC14, and the choices are ONLY (and still a pet peeve) “Words”, “Characters”, or “Characters no spaces”.

It would be great if it could include “Words and characters” as an option, though!

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Well, let’s be positive and assume that this was just something the Win coders missed and will correct in upcoming versions. L&L have repeatadly said they strive for feature parity, and if they can count words and characters they should be able to display both, as in the Mac version. :smiley:

Yes, this is on the list to bring it in line with the Mac options.

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Awesome. I’m looking forward to it, though—in spite of how I may have made it sound—the need isn’t urgent.