[Suggestion] ENS: New Mode of Release: Experimental No Support: For Win v3 + Dark Mode

I love the way Win3Beta (W3B) is going. The features have been getting better and better over 2018.

The Dark Mode is AMAZING, even as is,
For the last 2 years I made complicated themes/templates but they always have problems regardless.

Reading release notes of latest W3B, I wanted to make a thread called:
Please Enable Dark Mode for Windows 1st release of v3 BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

You can make the commitment to Dark Mode by Double-Phased Confirmation (pop-up box) saying no support is available for Dark Mode as it is still Experimental, etc.

Or make a separate download for those that want it, to ensure we get the Dark Mode by any means.

Then i thought why not have a special first release for Windows v3.

Instead of Alpha > Betas > RC > 1st Release
Currently being in Betas & RC being Release Candidate, why not replace the RC stage with a special mode of release called:

ENS: Experimental No Support
Which means users can buy an ENS version, or buy an upgrade from v2, and they get:

[b]* No Support

  • Just can send feedback
  • Can buy ENS & further finance the development
  • No rights to complain
    > This does not have to be on the website buy section.
    > It can be in the forums somewhere for those of us interested.
    > Can have more stringent T&C to agree with, basically no rights
    > ENS is considered a donation but still gives users free update to the 1st official release
    > Will be the same price as v3 or Upgrade for current v2 clients

Please consider selling the version “ENS: Experimental No Support” instead of RC or further Betas.

Also please Keep Dark Mode for Win v3 BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY including:

Multi Warnings on enable in Options
Separate Download

We are waiting for any sooner possible release of Win v3.

Please take our money!

And Save us from going blind by the white light-box and torch a.k.a the monitor shining directly into our eyes for hours on end!

Why would you endure this? You can customize the background color for every panel. I use a brownish tan for my editor window, more of a gray for the binder and a lighter tan for notes. I don’t have a white background for Windows, or my ebook reader or anything significant in Scrivener. This can be done with what we have already in the current beta or for that matter even in 1.9xx

I’m not sure what set you off on Devin, but he is very kind and helpful on this forum and I’ve learned from him.

I’ve edited this thread to remove all posts but the first and the last, which contain useful information. Suggest all participants go engage in whatever form of holiday revelry they prefer.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.