[Suggestion] Exporting Keyboard Shortcuts to Print

When I go into Options, then Keyboard, and go to Export (not Manage and Saving the Preferences), I can Export to File in .txt format the entire list of Keyboard shortcuts which is great. However, when I try to export to Print, I get the same response of Scrivener asking me to export to File, instead of providing a list of available printers to print from. I am assuming the option to Export to Print has just not been implemented yet, but wanted to point it out in case it was a bug.

Hello! When exporting your keyboard shortcuts using the “to file” option, a file is saved in the format .scrkbd which is a file that can then be imported back into scrivener. That way you can have different keyboard setups for different types of projects. .scrkbd files cannot be read by a conventional word processor.

When exporting using the “to print” option the keyboard shortcuts are saved to a .txt file, enabling them to be read and printed.

Hope this explanation helps. Thanks for bringing this up!

Thanks - that explanation does help to clarify. It is, however, a different treatment from a lot of other Windows apps, so you may want to add a bit of explanation, minimally in the User Manual (probably already there) and possibly on the pane when invoking the function.

I’ll go ahead and mark this as a suggestion for us to take a look at. Thanks.