[Suggestion] FAVORITES - Confusing dynamic menus,

Someone on FaceBook asked about “Favorites”. When I look at its implementation, I find it very clumsy and the reason the person had questions and problems. Instead of having different menu choices, there should only be one. Adding, Clearing, and Removing should be a selection on the dialogue box not dynamically altered on the menu tree. Having too many similar menu choices makes Scrivener confusing and look messy. User should be able to Remove as many individual favorites at one time or ClearAll.

There does indeed appear to be some confusion, as there isn’t really a “favourites” feature in the beta. You must be referring to Project Bookmarks, for which there is a contextual menu command add/remove, and in the Documents menu, a pair of commands for add/remove.

Otherwise, Bookmarks are Project Bookmarks, and the menu commands are merely a convenience for setting them without having to open any interface.

For more extensive management, this can also be done from the Inspector’s Project Bookmark list, which also includes a dedicated editor below the list. Here you can drag items into the list to add them (or use the gear button if you wish), drag and drop to organise them, etc.

I don’t really know how to address the rest. I can’t think of a single time where I’ve needed to “clear all”, but if I really had to, good old standard Ctrl-A, Del seems difficult to improve.

Take a look at the attachment from beta 16. Notice “Favorite Projects” from the “File” menu. This is Not the same as Project Bookmarks from the “Project” menu. More menus does not make the program easier especially if they are dynamic and you don’t usually see them during everyday use. It would be easier for users and simplify the program to eliminate dynamic menus where possible, and favorites is a good example. This may not bother you, but I help users everyday and I know that this design complicates the program.

Instead of having multiple menus for the same feature set, its beneficial to have only one and a dialogue box that has all the controls visible but not active all the time. By eliminating multiple menus, it makes the program cleaner, easier, and simpler for the user to learn and use.
Favorites Menu Example 01.jpg

Hi rgletter,

As this is currently the way it works on Scrivener for Mac as well, I’m going to mark this as a suggestion for us to look at later, rather than a bug.

Thanks for the input!