Suggestion for Synopsis index card[ADDRESSED]

I wanted to write a synopsis for one of my documents. So I double clicked on the index card in the inspector. I already had a sentence and wanted to start a new line so I hit ENTER. I wanted started the next sentence beginning with “Children” however when I hit SHIFT and C, it changed index cards to the one entitled Children. I realize now that once you hit ENTER, you are no longer in the Index card and so when you hit Shift and another letter Scrivener jumps to the index card who’s title begins with that letter. Suggestion: Do not exit the index card when Enter is used so that users can write a new line without using a bunch of spaces. (Perhaps when you hit Shift and Enter at the same time it can exit the card. Otherwise, wait until someone clicks outside the card.)

There is an option to disable this behaviour in Navigation:Return Key Behavior: “Return ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner”. Disable that and you should be able to do what you want. Note that at the moment carriage returns are not correctly displayed in the card. They will look like a space. If you double-click back in you’ll see they actually are fine, they just don’t look that way yet. They do render correctly in outliner mode. This will be fixed—the important thing is that if you compile with synopses enabled in the Elements pane, they will compile correctly.