Suggestion for the Document References pane

I’ve been using the Document References pane recently to link to external documents (often in Devonthink, but sometimes on Amazon and other web sources).
Would it be possible to add the possibility of adding either a checkbox, or some form of colour-labelling that would allow the user to indicate whether or not a given reference had been used for the current document?
Just a thought

The “Description” field is for your own use, you could maybe do something there, such as marking items by adding “DONE” to the description.

True enough, but the space is a little small (at least on my 13 inch screen). I was looking at the icon to the left, which looks like to could be coloured or something…
Thanks for the suggestion,


You can change the widths, if the URL isn’t as important to see. Another thing to consider is that even plain-text descriptions can be colourful (and not take up much width) these days. :slight_smile:

Besides the Emoji set, there are also many more black and white icons in the Unicode set that can be used for status markers (not to mention the good old classic Mac checkmark: Opt-V). Adding them as a system-wide Substitution is probably the easiest way to insert them frequently (or if you have a third-party snippet manager of course).

Thanks. That’ll probably do the trick.