[Suggestion] Format Bar versus Format Toolbar and Toolbar versus Main Toolbar terminology inconsistency

This is not a bug, but an inconsistency in terminology between Mac and Windows versions and 1.9.7 User Manual references and what is on in the app and on the menus. When going to the View menu, you have selection for 'Customize Toolbars, and then when you select it, the pane opens and presents you with Format Toolbar and Main Toolbar. While you can leave the names of these settings as are, they do differ from what Mac uses and what is referred to in the existing Windows User Manual which is Format Bar and Toolbar. You may want to change the referenced in the app, to Format Bar and Toolbar, but then your View menu option is slightly out of whack (Customize Toolbars), but much less so.

A minor thing and not an app bug, but more a matter of using consistent terminology across platforms and between the app and user manual. And I do understand there is actually a difference with Mac as you cannot customize the Format Bar.