[Suggestion] Format painting?

I’d love to see a format paintbrush in this version of Scrivner, especially as a quickly accessible icon tool. Any plans on doing that?

Given how far we are into the beta I would suspect that such a request would not be possible this late into the beta. It would have had to have been sorta implemented back in the coding and to add it now would possibly delay/alter/or inhibit other features.

There is no intention to do so at this time, though I have marked this as a suggestion for us to look at later.

That said, most of what you desire can be accomplished using our styles feature. You can set up the formatting you’d like as a custom style and apply it from the right-click menu or through keyboard shortcuts. You can even use Format > Styles > New Style From Selection to copy any formatting you’ve already applied to use later.

Hope this helps.


I use format painting in Word and OneNote ALL THE TIME. It’s such a time saver, especially when I’m matching format on a series of items. The Style workaround is great, but a simple select text/click on format paint button/select text to paint would be much, much more useful.

Isn’t that what ‘Copy Formatting’ ‘Paste Formatting’ do? 'Cause that’s already there.
Is that somehow different from format painting?

I just tried out the copy/paste formatting. It works, but instead of pasting the format to what I have highlighted, it applied the formatting to the entire paragraph. Is this what it’s supposed to do?

That’s not typical Windows behavior. If you have something highlighted and apply some kind of formatting, normally, it usually would apply that change to what you have highlighted.

I have just added my 1/2p’orth in https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/copy-paste-formatting-formats-the-entire-paragraph/44614/1

Further to what @ the Philosoraptor said, to my mind styles are so much more efficient than format painting that there’s no way I’d want to go back to that as it was in Mac v.2 and Windows 1.x. In fact, if memory serves, over the decade that I’ve been using Scrivener there has been a mort of complaints about the “Presets”, i.e. Format Painter under another name, and demands for a style system.



Where do you guys find the ‘Copy Formatting’ ‘Paste Formatting’ options?

Whether right-clicking or from the Edit menu, all I see are Copy and Copy Special, which includes things like “Copy Documents as External Links”, “Copy Text of Documents” and other items that have nothing to do with formatting.

So far as I can see, I can copy and “Paste and Match Style”, but I can’t copy formatting and apply it without disturbing existing text.

What am I missing?

What you’re looking for can be found under the “Format” menu, towards the right of where you see “File” and “Edit”

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