Suggestion: Frequently Used Font list?

In MS Word, using a font in a document pops it up top of the font drop down list in a sort of mini ‘frequently used fonts’ list. Is it possible for Scrivener to have this as well? I’m currently using Arial and Courier New as the two main fonts in a document, and each time I switch between them I have to do a lot of scrolling, which is annoying, when in Word I’d press the drop down menu and both would be right there at the top after having used them. I know Scrivener is working across multiple RTF documents, but it would be nice is the frequent fonts could be tied to the draft or research folder, for example.

Also, when selecting a font from the drop down list, my cursor ends up inside the font box typing after the font name, rather than remaining in the main document at the font change, which is a little annoying.

Not a bad idea, but another we’ll be adding that will help with this are formatting presets. Presets will be a way of storing an arbitrary amount of formatting information, which you can later apply to a selection or paragraph with a drop-down menu in the main Format Bar.

Meanwhile, here is a tip for speeding up access in the main font menu: type in the first few letters of the font name. So “cou” should select “Courier”, then just tap Enter to confirm.

Which works to apply the font, but the cursor remains in the font text field rather than the editor, so this is a bug and I’ve made a note of it. Thanks!