[Suggestion] Is there a way to alter Text-to-Speech pronunciation?

I’m not sure if this is really the right place for this question or what, but here goes…

I’ve been poking around with the text-to-speech option and I am very happy with it, however it doesn’t appear like there’s a way to alter pronunciations. I have a few character names that are a little bizarre that the TTS I’m using is pronouncing incorrectly.

Now, the TTS-enabled text editor I’ve been using previously was Balabolka, which has a mechanism to alter pronunciations manually by keeping a list of substitutions. I’m no programmer, but I figure every time it sees a certain word, it must just replace that word with the substitution when sending the text to the speech engine, but leaving the actual text in the document alone. Is there something like that planned in Scrivener (or perhaps already available, but I didn’t notice)?