Suggestion- label or status indicator in Binder views


I apologize if something similar has been discussed (I performed a search and didn’t see it).

Is it possible to add a visible indicator to groups and files in the binder view for label and/or status?

What I mean is something like OS X’s color labeling scheme.


I think that is a new one, at least to the forums. The only problem I can see with it is that those of us who come from the Ulysses camp use labels as a way of indicating type, rather than how labels are used in the Finder – to highlight exceptions. So, with nearly every single document name background highlighted with one colour or another, would that become distracting and difficult to quickly see what is what?


I wasn’t suggesting that we implement the Finder style label per se, just some form of visual indicator for the Binder. A label or status field/view in the Binder view would work for me just as well.

I would like to use some form of visual indicator, for files or groups/folders, outside of the outliner.

Just thinking out loud: I think, perhaps, I have been less demanding of the Binder. I like how clean it is, and accessing a table of meta-data information via the Outliner is very simple. That said, perhaps in future revisions, a button at the bottom that toggled meta-data on and off in the Binder might be nice. Seeing as how the ability already exists thanks to the new search with meta-data capability, it might not be too difficult. I suppose the biggest problem would be space. In search, there is no hierarchy and everything is flush on the left side. Standard Binder view uses inset to visualise depth, and thus there is a lot less space to utilise. One of the reasons why it is a necessity in Ulysses is that it has no hierarchy at all. At least we have the ability to put all character related documents in a character group beneath “Support Documents” or something of that nature. This helps to alleviate the burden of meta-data.

The binder is supposed to be a simple, clean list, nothing more. It is just a list of contents. The outliner is there for meta-data, and is one click away. So, there will be no meta-data in the binder - sorry. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m in the minority, but I was great relieved when you said there’d be no changes to the binder. Sorry, guys, but I love the simple, clean look. Now I’ll be quiet and go check things out for myself. :slight_smile:


You know, you keep saying this, but I have actually designed Scrivener around how I want to work. I have not just slap-dashed it together without thinking about how I want to work. So I kind of find this a tiny, weeny, incy bit… patronising.

You are getting Scrivener confused with a three-pane outliner, which is what the old Binder view in SG was, and also what Mori is (and Yojimbo and many more). In three-pane outliners, you have a list of information on the left and you click on that to see a list of subdocuments on the right at the top. You click on those to see the actual document underneath ( also uses this paradigm).

Scrivener is not a three-pane outliner. Is not and will not be. Instead, you have two, separate, editor views. You can choose to view those editor views as outliners if you so wish, but it makes zero sense to connect them. Imagine you want two outlines open - say you want to see the outliner for chapter one and for chapter two. Now, you click on a document in chapter one to edit it, and suddenly the other outliner changes document… Nooo.

I am pondering on how to integrate more, but there will be no radical changes. Scrivener will not become a three-pane outliner - there are plenty of those.

All the best,


No need to apologise, Maria, my “incy, weeny bit” was supposed to show that I know you didn’t mean it like that. Keep those suggestions coming, but please understand that sometimes I get a little oversenstive because I’m a “one man band” who is putting a lot of work into this out of the hours of my dayjob, which is itself all-demanding. Sometimes it feels a bit like as though someone is telling me my son’s nose isn’t quite right. :slight_smile: (There is nothing wrong with his nose, for the record…) Or, I guess it’s a bit like when you show a draft of your writing to someone who tells you that certain things could be improved. At first you are upset and fuming that they haven’t recognised your staggering genius. Then you realise they have a point about some things - but you still disagree about others that are fundamental to your own vision. Hope the analogy makes sense. :slight_smile:


Sorry to revive a decrepit thread, but I’m not quite sure if this what the OP in this thread was asking for. I’ve been wondering whether it’s possible (already or in future) for the little text icons in binder view to be colorable so that they’re the color of their label. That wouldn’t add any clutter to binder view (i.e. no new icons or other elements) but would save a click and allow us to see a glance what category our docs are in. Maybe it could be a preferences option so anyone who wanted only white icons could have them by default.
Does this feature already exist and I just missed it in my quick perusal of the tutorial? If not, would this be difficult to implement in a later version? Would it be useful to anyone else? If not, of course, I’m perfectly happy with Scrivener just the way it is.

Sounds like a reasonable request to me, but I’d like it to be an option if it is implemented. I never used to use labels much in other programs because it bugs me to see the colors in the binder. To me it does look cluttered. But it sounds like a useful option for folks who want it.

I must admit, I’ve been missing the label-colored icons from, ahem, Devonthink.
I haven’t mentioned it for fear of insulting Keith’s son’s nose, as it were.


Whilst coloured icons would technically be rather easy to implement, there are two problems:

  1. It can cause a little slowdown in the binder (because the icons have to be modified whenever they are drawn).

  2. Whilst this would look fine when colouring over the white text icons, it would look somewhat different when colouring over the blue folder icons, or even worse when colouring over image icons and so forth.

I may take a look at this, but certainly no promises for 1.0.


If coloured binder icons really are easy to implement and they don’t slow thing down too much, I’m all for them. It would be very helpful to be able to see labels at a glance when the outline and corkboard are out of view. I see nothing cluttery about that. Anyway, I presume there would be a per-project preference item for the chromophobes among us to switch off the colouring.


Oh yes! Please! :slight_smile:


Ha. Chromophobes. Funny. While I don’t care for label-colored icons, what I sometimes miss is the ability to create custom icons a la DevonThink. See, I like colors. :slight_smile: I like creating custom icons in DT (1) because it’s fun and (2) because it helps me find a folder I’m looking for. I realized the latter is significant more in DT since I have 5 gazillion (at least!) folders and files in that program and visual aids definitely help! But in Scr. it’s much less significant, since I have far fewer folders and files within it.

So, after all that, I myself would prefer to keep things exactly as they are in Scr. Simple, clean, with no distractions. And I definitely don’t want anything slowing it down. One of my project files is already creaking and groaning under the weight of its size and tends to slow up because of it.

So ditto to that preference item!!