[SUGGESTION] Learn Spelling to custom dictionaries

I am a literary translator from English into Bulgarian and an occasional writer, As a translator, I often have to deal with large bodies of non-standard and just crazy words such as character and geographical names, SF&F and technical terms, made up or real dialects, and so on. Different projects may span from one book to an entire trilogy. Translating and editing takes months and often overlaps with work on other book translations, my own novels, short stories, articles. and blog posts.

“Learn Spelling” to my “Personal Word List” to keep an eye on for possible typos and uniformity throughout large texts becomes counterproductive and an inconvenience when I switch between projects or I start a new project. LibreOffice has an “Add to Dictionary” feature (with custom dictionaries that could be turned on and off) which makes perfect sense in this line of work. I would be very happy if you consider adding something like that in Scrivener 3 somewhere in it’s future development.

Using Scrivener since its early Linux betas. I bought it in September this year for Windows. Great editor and project management tool. The version 3 beta for Windows looks and feels even better!