[Suggestion | LH2793] Outliner view text wrapping

Title always text wraps (if column narrow enough to force it). Didn’t used to (clipped end of text rather than wrapped), which is how it prefer it. Perhaps add an option somewhere to chose between do/don’t text wrap Title option. Off hand, it seems to make sense that Synopsis would wrap, but perhaps for consistency and user enabling, should also implement do/don’t text wrap Synopsis.

Meta-data text doesn’t wrap, even when text wrapping is selected for the meta-data item. Definitely need wrap option back for meta-data items.

I have the same issue with custom metatdata text field being checked to wrap text, but it does not.

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The issue with Meta-Data text not wrapping is a known bug, and has been filed. Along with updating this post title with the ticket number, I’ve also marked it as a Suggestion so we can look over your other issues at a later time.