[suggestion] make paragraph formatting more consistent

Please could a future version of Scrivener get rid of the current setup where the default paragraph (“No Style”) is set up via “Options | Editing | Formatting” but all the other styles are setup using the “Format” menu? The current setup is cumbersome, inconsistent and seems potentially confusing (especially for new users).

Also, if/when the formatting system is being refined, please could the “Styles Panel” include the option of directly editing all the paragraph settings (including shortcuts) from the panel? When you need to change several styles (e.g. creating a new template), the current system of reformatting the paragraph and then updating the style by selecting “Redefine style from selection” seems a bit clunky and (to me at least, trained on desktop publishing) less than intuitive.

I realise that neither of these could be in version 3.0, but if there’s a 3.1, please could they be considered? Thanks.

I have been a Scrivener user for a long time. Originally on Mac and more recently on Windows. :frowning:

Formatting has always been a problem for me. I’m guessing that your comment is pointing me towards understanding why. From your text it seems obvious that Scrivener isn’t handling paragaph formatting as I imagined it to, which must be the reason I’ve been quite frustrated of late.

I’ve mostly used Scrivener through the years as a sophisticated note taking and organizing tool. I am currently involved in my first attempt at producing a book using it. All my previous books were written on Microsoft Word and without thinking much about it I’ve been expecting the paragraph styles to work in the same way. It has been ever more frustrating to see the editor going back to “No Style” time and time again. I thought it was a bug in the version 3.0 betas.

Scrivener is not a wysiwyg editor like Word and its style system is not the same thing at all like what Word has. In Word you use styles to create the final output format while writing, but in Scrivener the text can look any way you want while writing and then you compile it to the format you want it to have.

Besides, only the new beta version of Win Scrivener has styles, not the official 1.9 version.