Suggestion: More specific error msg on permissions error


I just spent a while trying to export a MMD file to a directory where I didn’t have any write permissions. Not surprisingly, exporting/compiling a file to that directory from Scrivener failed. The error message was very unspecific though (see screenshot) and I think it would be great, if you could make it a bit more specific.



That error is a fallback message - it’s the default error message shown if no more useful error message could be gleaned. Scrivener tries to export the file and asks OS X for any error messages if it fails, and only shows this catch-all message if it didn’t receive one. So unfortunately in this case it means that Scrivener didn’t receive any really useful error back itself - Scrivener can only show a more specific error message if it is passed one.

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P.S. This should really go in the Wist List forum seeing as it’s not a bug, but I’ll leave it here for now to avoid shadow topics.