[Suggestion] No feedback on 'Replace all'

If I use ‘replace all’ ina document, it would be useful to get feedback how many words were replaced.
If no words are found, I get a ‘Not Found’ message, but nothing if words are found and replaced.
A notice like ‘X words replaced’ would be a useful feedback.

The “problem” is that when you replace in multiple places, it will be a “long” text describing all the places with the changed words count. Still the idea is a good one, and we should find a way to show more info here in the future.

On the Mac we just show a little “n replaced” message at the bottom (where “not found” is displayed), where n is the numerical count of changed instances. It’s enough to give you an idea of the scope of your command (oops, that shouldn’t have changed 8,321 things!), and that it worked. It’s also worded vaguely, because we can’t know if letters, punctuation marks, entire paragraphs or words were replaced.