Suggestion: Open text via corkboard cards in the Left or Right Editor

In a screen layout with the Binder to the left, corkboard cards in the middle and the second editor to the right, it is hard to open a scene via a corkboard card in the Right Editor. The option is available through three clicks in the contextmenu. Can you add an option in the Behaviors/Corkboard Settings to open the text with a double-click on empty space on the card, please?

The options: “Open text in Right Editor” and “Open text in Left Editor” would be very helpful.

Thanks in Advance!

That option is referring to what happens when you double-click on the background, between any cards. That wouldn’t work very well for loading a selection of cards into the other editor.

Meanwhile you only need one command for this, “Open in Other Editor”, and that has a convenient (customisable) shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+Enter, as opposed to Ctrl+Shift+Enter, which opens the selected item(s) in the current view. But even I think mouse users have a good approach in that you can just drag the selected cards over to the other editor’s header bar.

Secondly, if you are doing this every single time you click on a card, don’t. :slight_smile: Click that little box-with-arrow icon in the Corkboard footer bar to enable auto-load mode, or set it up in Navigate ▸ Corkboard Selection Affects ▸ Other Editor. With that set up, the corkboard becomes more like the binder in terms of being a selection viewer.

Alternatively, the built-in Window ▸ Layouts ▸ Three-Pane (Corkboard) setup may have all of this wired up the way you’d like. It has one additional ingredient not mentioned above: the binder will only ever impact the left split, or the Corkboard. Thus to change the right split, you must load things manually, or through secondary navigation by clicking on things in the corkboard.