[Suggestion] Option to change sort order on writing history

I’ve been using the beta on Windows and I’ve noticed that when I open writing history I always have to scroll down to see the last few weeks or days–which are typically what I’m most interested in. Clicking on the Date column or any of the others doesn’t do anything.

It would be nice to be able to change from ascending or descending sort order easily and quickly without having to export and load into a spreadsheet program.

(I’ll add that I love this feature.)

Do the columns sort in the Mac version when you click on column headers? I think the Windows Beta 40 behavior can actually be reported as a bug rather than just as the basis for a suggestion. The column headers give visual feedback when clicked, as illustrated below, but there’s no corresponding action. writinghistory.png
Typically the visual feedback signifies a click-to-sort column, as in an outliner multiselect display or Options > Keyboard. No feedback on a column click signals an unsortable column, as in the outliner view of a folder. As a matter of fit and finish, Scriv should probably either implement the column sort or deaden the column header click.

Rgds - Jerome