[Suggestion] Options can only be accessed from main window

It’s a behaviour I already found in old Scrivener 1.9, and it’s still there in the beta. Nothing blocking, but we can open the options (and also check for updates) only from the main window; that means that we have to open a project or create a new one only to do the aforementioned things. It would be glad if they could be accessed from the quick launch window (there is an “Options” menu there, but it only regards templates).

What is quick launch window?

Probably the project picker window you get when you don’t have an open project.

To the OP, this is why I always keep an up-to-date Tutorial project around. One, it’s a handy reference, and two, it gives me a ready-made project to open should I need to.

Yes, I meant that window. I disagree, though: it’s not so convenient having to open a project only to setup options. It’s okay that I have in any case to open projects and work on them, but almost every other software allows users to configure it before starting their work. Not that I’m complaining; I only find this behaviour non-standard, that’s all.

That’s absolutely not true.

99.9% of the Windows software requires you to open the software if you want to access its options.

Which is different than having to open the software and a project, which is what I understand the OP’s original point to be. Take Word, for example – I can open Word and go into options configuration without having to have even a blank new project open.

I wasn’t meaning to suggest that this is HOW it should be, merely to share a workaround.

It may be that it is non-standard; but the ability to open the Scrivener start panel without having any actual work open is in itself pretty unusual. With Word, for instance, you can open it without opening an existing document, and then set options; but in fact you’re opening a blank document that you can certainly type in. Similarly with a browser: you can open it to its home page and set options, but whatever the home page is, you are actually “browsing” to it. So I’m just suggesting that Scriv’s “non-standard” behavior in this respect is due to this particular “non-standard” way of starting it, which has its own purposes, and (I would guess) is not likely to change.

I disagree. But even if that’s the case, I don’t think it will be possible since some of the options are related to the what’s on the screen.

For example: Otions → Editing → Formatting → Use Formatting in Current Editor
Appearance → Main Editor → Use Current

Anyway, I’m done with this thread.


I think you didn’t understand what I meant, but other posters have already clarified that.