SUGGESTION: Preserve hierarchies on import to Scrivener

I have only used Scapple for a few days, but it’s going to be my primary place to develop ideas! So easy and so clean - thank you! :smiley:

My suggestion: to preserve the implied hierarchies of arrows pointing from one text object another on import into Scrivener. So, if I were to create a “parent” text box with three associated “child” text boxes (that is, arrows pointing to the), the three text boxes would be imported into Scrivener as dependents and indented underneath the parent text box.

I recognize that bidirectional arrows and more complex diagramming pose parsing problems, but it seems like a few simple conventions with some clear limitations and constraints would help writers get some structure - rather than simply a flat set of text objects - into Scrivener.

Probably others have some better ideas around this, but wanted to start the conversation.

And again, thanks!

Scapple has no hierarchies.

Even though it would be nice to have what you request, it is utterly free-form and because of that, it is impossible to extract a hierarchy from something like this:

 /     \

Left — Right


Exactly as Dave says. Items within groups will come into Scrivener in groups, but that’s all - Scapple is completely freeform, so any “implied” hierarchies are entirely in the user’s mind, something Scapple is not yet intelligent enough to divine. :slight_smile:

… So we can expect this feature in version 2 then?

If you need hierarchy, consider using background shapes. You can implement a basic form of nesting with them (including shapes within shapes). Trying to turn the anarchy of connections into a formal single-dependency outline would however be the proverbial round peg.

Also, expect a fully animated Nyan Cat border style.

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