[Suggestion] Real bookmark

Is it too late to ask for a new feature in Windows version of Scrivener?

I understand how comments can be construed to represent a bookmark, but in most programs that have real bookmarks when you click on a bookmark the bookmark item stays on the screen. With Scrivener if you close the inspector to allow more space for the 2 windows being used to bring an outline and the chapter of the work on screen the bookmarked item disappears from the screen and you must scroll looking for a keyword of the comment. Defeating the purpose of the supposed comment/bookmark.

I can’t be the only one who argues real bookmarks in other Windows-based apps and browsers and I am sure if this issue were addressed many more would welcome real bookmarks!

I’ve marked this as a suggestion for us to take a look at later, but for now any new feature requests should be posted to our ‘Wishlist’ forum (viewforum.php?f=4)

Currently we are working on making the new Windows version as close to the current Mac version as we can.

Thank you!