[Suggestion] RexEx fails to differentiate between upper and lower case searches <b17>

I.e. using [A] returns the same as [a]

This is quite important.

To clarify, which searches are you referring to? There are several ways to search and most of them have a checkbox or option to ensure Case Sensitivity. For Project Search there is an option near the bottom of the menu to turn on ‘Case Sensitive’. For Edit > Find > Find (Ctrl+F) there is a checkbox for ‘Ignore case’.

Or are you saying that with these set correctly you are still seeing incorrect results with Regex?

You are correct. Thanks for pointing it out.

But I do wish RegEx searches in Scrivener would obey one of the “official” standards so that [D]og would find only Dog, whatever options are set. I.e. RegEx should follow its own rules and ignore options set for other (simpler) types of search.

But for the purposes of the beta, I’m fine with the way it is now :slight_smile:

I’ve marked this thread for us to look at your suggestion at a later time.


Hi guys
How do I access regular expressions? I can’t seem to find where to enter some regex that will then do something.
I can’t find it in the menus and can’t find it in the Scrivener manual searching for ‘regex’ or ‘regular expression’. Nor can I see it in the Search field (top right) when I dropdown for options.
I’ve also tried typing in a regex into the Search field and I’ve tried through the ctrl-F panel. eg. something simple like c?t or [cat|dog]. I’ve looked in the Edit > Find for a clue. Nothing
Is there some hidden menu/option setting I need to switch on?
I’m using Scrivener for Windows v1.9.9.0

Hi Eggybread,

This is the forum for the beta version of Scrivener 3 for Windows. Scrivener 1.9.9 does not support regular expression, this was added into the new version.