[Suggestion] Scrivener 3 Enhancement: Show project path in "recent projects" if shown in title bar

I recently ran into an issue where I was unknowingly editing a backup copy of a scrivener. This happened from selecting it in “recent projects” (which only displays the name). Only after enabling the option to show the full project path in the title bar did I realize why nothing was syncing with iOS and why I was losing content…

To save others from the same issue, I propose that the recent projects list show this same project path if this checkbox is enabled in settings. If someone checks this box, they seem to be saying, “I anticipate potential name collisions with my scrivener projects, I’ll use the folder path for additional context, to the point where I need it to display at all times.” I think it’s a safe bet that this someone in this mode, the path showing in recent projects could prevent an issue like mine, and would be desired. Thoughts?

PS I’d actually love to have the recent projects list always show the path to the project, but I can understand how that isn’t how many nontechnical users will consider their projects, and it could be considered clutter. Hopefully this proposal is an acceptable compromise!

Thanks for your time, and, as always, your awesome software!

Your suggestion aside (it seems like a practical one to me), I might suggest a slight adjustment to how you work with backups. The File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… menu command provides for an easy way to create a date-stamped copy of the project, optionally with zip compression. There are three different qualities to this approach that help protect your backups:

  1. The copy is never opened by the software. Unlike “Save As”, you stay in the same original project. So the copy never ends up in Recent unless you specifically open it.
  2. The date stamp of course, that’s a pretty big tell if it ends up in a list.
  3. The zip compression option means the copy itself cannot be opened directly in Scrivener. You have to go into Explorer and extract it, and doing so does not harm the original. Thus you can open a copy, pull what you need out of it (or restore, replacing the other project entirely) and then trash it, leaving only the immutable .zip behind.

Sorry you ran into confusion! I hope you were able to sort out merging the divergent forks without too much hassle.

P.S. I’ve moved your post to the beta forum.

Hah, that’s certainly a valid suggestion, thanks. I definitely use the zip backup solution, however, for some reason I have a nightly job called “scrivener backup backup” which is a directory sync from my current scrivener folder to another drive. I think I once had an issue with the zip backup from years ago. This likely fell under the extreme writing paranoia/not fully trusting the zip backups/having one more fallback option, which ironically ended up biting me all these years later. Gripped the egg so tightly it broke, I guess. :slight_smile:

Suppose it’s time for me to remove that live folder backup–but for others (whomever the “full project path in the title bar” is for), yeah, I think the recent projects honoring this setting is a natural extension of the existing feature.

I do the same thing, but not nightly. My entire writing directory is backed up to a different drive weekly (and not when Scrivener is running; that can cause issues).

In addition, you can also use Scrivener to sync to an external folder (which I have enabled on some projects). I’d suggest trying it to see if it suits your needs for an additional backup. “File → Sync → With external folder…”