[Suggestion] Scrivener version 3 Release date?


My Scrivener 3 beta version will stop working in two weeks and I would like to know if there is already a final release date or will it be another beta version.

I wouldn’t have to move back to version 1


They’ve always had a new Beta ready before the old one expired, so I’m sure you’ll be fine even if they don’t release version 3 just yet.

This comes up alot due to people seeing the end date. Not to worry. They have been releasing a new version before said date. Usually 1 - 2 days before its set to expire.

Your not the first and prob won’t be the last until the final version is release.


Wouldn’t it be possible to simply add a line in the expiry pop-up?

“This beta expires on Dec. 31. Go to L&L beta forum on that date to download next version.”

Or something. It might stop some of these repetitious threads in their tracks.

Thank you for your answers.

The suggestion is also something to be added, could help new user, like me :slight_smile: