[Suggestion] Scrivnings mode Show Chapter Titles but Hide Scene titles?

I like to title my scenes within a chapter for organizing them. But when in scrivnings view I want to only show the chapter titles. I can only find a way to turn off ALL the headings.
Ideas. This is using RC8

To my knowledge, there is no way. There isn’t much of a difference between Chapters (folders that can have text) and Documents (text).

Now, in Compile, we can do something to show titles or hide them based on section type, but in standard views, no, I don’t know of a switch to turn only some off based on section type. Not to say there isn’t, but I don’t know of one. (it’s an interesting idea for a feature, tho).

However, if I needed Titles to show for Chapters only, I’d add the Title as Text for the Chapter, apply the Style “Heading 1” (remember, there isn’t much difference between folder and text), and turn Titles off in Scrivenings. You can uncheck the box “include in compile” to prevent them from being compiled.

Not sure that’s what you wanted, but that’s the best I can do atm.