[Suggestion] Scroll Bar Width

The scroll bar on the binder for Windows beta 3 is too thin. It is hard to grab. Very annoying and it slows me down. The width should be double to match usability of current Scrivener production release. This may sound picky, but usability wise this is difficult. Of course this is beta and probably you guys already realize this and will fix for next beta release.

On my system, it’s almost as wide as my cursor, and it works for me. If anything they should make it thinner. More space for the important parts: words.
2017-12-15 18_09_07-Cortana.png

I don’t know if this was done on purpose. Is this a user preference for the skinny? I do know it goes against Windows program norms and the current Windows version design. An option could be added for binder scroll bar as (scroll bar thickness:1-5) to cover all bases.