Suggestion: Shortcut Keys for Different Note Styles

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s currently no way to change note styles on the fly without going into the inspector or the menu?

Awesome program. I just wish it had a lot more customizability in terms of shortcut keys. Otherwise it really slows down the speed at which it can be used.

Glad I bought it, just please add this feature if possible!

Most everything should be accelerator friendly (which, I know, isn’t a substitute for a full customisation system, but this would have been a very large project considering the simplicity of the program—it’s on the list for the future however), and to steal a tip from some of the Windows experts on the forum, you can take advantage of that yourself in the style names you choose. Simply place an ampersand before the character you wish to use to trigger the style. It will look funny in the naming field, but in the menu the ampersand will be removed and the letter following it will be underscored.

For instance if I rename the “Red Bubble” style to “&Red Bubble”, I can then hit Alt,r,n,a,r to set the selected note(s) to this style.

Thanks for the reply, AmberV! Do you happen to have a link to a brief tutorial or post that breaks down how to use the accelerator? This is the first time I’ve heard of it! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh! That’s an ancient mechanism in Windows for navigating menus. Unfortunately Microsoft has highly diminished the visibility of the feature over the past decade, so it’s no surprise that it is unfamiliar. They are super easy to use though, no training required. :slight_smile: Just tap the Alt key (unlike standard shortcuts, you don’t chord accelerators together, but tap each key in sequence). This will move the keyboard focus to the menu bar, and you’ll note that each menu has a letter underscored. That’s the accelerator key for the menu. So in this case, ‘r’ triggers the Format menu. Next each menu item in the Format menu list has a key, ‘n’ triggers Note Style. You get the idea. Using the ampersand will underscore the letter following it, letting you trigger the menu item with the keyboard.

With properly configured software, this means that essentially every menu command has a “shortcut”.

Some other useful menu navigation keys: Esc will back out of the current menu you are in, Enter can trigger the highlighted menu command and arrow keys can be used to move the selector up, down and in and out of sub-menus.