suggestion : some kind of clue that a document is open in an external app

I often open and close docs in external apps. I obviously want to close all the docs opened in external apps before closing /quitting Scrivener.
It would be nice if Scrivener displayed a flag or some kind of clue when a doc is open in an external app. It would save me from having to open the external app to check if the doc is open.
thank you !

Why not use the Mac OS Mission Control function? It will show all open windows at once, much more quickly than you could scroll through the Binder looking for flags.


thank you for your reply. I will give it a try

If by mistake I save and close a project, and quit Scrivener before saving and closing a document (“content”) open in an external app (for example a PDF that I am annotating), what will happen if I further annotate the PDF, then save it and close it ? From what I have seen it’s not a problem. Could it be a problem ? Could it corrupt the PDF or the project itself ?

thanks again Katherine

That works if you use only one virtual desktop. Otherwise, it shows windows connected to the current desktop.

You can scroll through desktops quickly with either the four-finger trackpad swipe or the ctrl-arrow key shortcut.

If you move your mouse up to the top of the screen, you’ll get preview images for all desktops.


Shouldn’t be a problem. In a situation like this, the file is one that Scrivener can’t edit, and so it’s passing a handle to its own copy of the file to the external application. So (a) the external application is editing the “real” copy of the file, and (b) nothing else is. And the location of the file on the disk is independent of the location in the Binder, which means that moving an open file within Scrivener won’t break pointers to it like, say, moving from one location in Finder to another might.

With that said, this is in the category of “probably okay, but best to avoid just in case.” It probably is possible to corrupt the file if you try hard enough. Using Preview to Move an open PDF file out of the project might not go well, for example.