[Suggestion] Style and enrichment and shortcuts and a request and gamification

Hello L&L, using Scrivener 3 all day and no bug/crash for now, I’m very impressed. Nice job ! :slight_smile:
As it is still early beta, may I make some suggestions ?

  1. It would be desirable that the application of a style does not remove specific enrichments (as bold, italic, etc.) For now, all formatings are removed by appliying a style. Is it planned to change ?

  2. Also, please stop using dual shortcuts by default. I do not know about iOS apps, but this behavior is absolutely outdated on Windows. Never seen this since Wordperfect, more than 30 years ago. I’m journalist, I review PC software for a living and (except some outdated and arid code editors) nobody uses this kind of sequenced shortcuts. Writers are usually not very good at computers, please make it easy for them.
    It should not be too complicated. There is no need to assign some shortcuts as “show icon colour” to F4 (and so on), it is obvious* that everybody want this ON all the time. Should be on at start with all new projects.
    With all the useless shortcuts freed (and in combinaisons with ctrl, shift, alt, etc.) there are dozens of “free” shortcuts for “more usefull” functions that for now use dual shortcuts (like Ctrl-G Ctrl X, CtrlG Ctrl L, etc.)

*Yes. It is 8) .

  1. Also, may you add me back in the credits for the french translation ? I state in my french scrivener manual that I translated to french, would hate to have to remove this sentence. :blush:
    Thank you.

  2. Some nice little free writing apps are around, as Bibisco and Quoll Writer. The later is heavily gamified, and I find it makes the writing experience very fun. What about adding some points, badges and levels to Scrivener ? (maybe for S4 ? :smiley:)

(sorry for my english, i’m far better in writing in french :confused: Maybe I should use google ? Mmm… :wink:)