Suggestion: the "Double-save" feature

Hello, just wanted to leave a suggestion for a future update.

Today, my laptop’s hard drive crapped out. No particular user-error the Apple guys said, it just died. I’m normally pretty good about backing up stuff, but lately I’ve been pretty busy. So about three months or so of the stuff I’ve writing for a book are gone. It’s not AS BAD as it sounds, as I normally write on a paper pad (often in rather random, unfocused, spread out way), then organize the chaotic mess in Scrivener. But nonetheless, I did write plenty of stuff on my laptop only, and it’s gone…most of it is beyond my memory.

But in any case, it made me think of a feature for Scrivener. I call it the “Double-Save.” Normally, Scrivener auto-saves the file every minute or so to the internal hard drive. My suggestion is an option in preferences that would do the same thing, but save to an external drive simultaneously, be it a memory stick or full-fledged 500GB external. That way, a back up document save always exists.

I say make this feature optional in preferences, because some people have said that using an external so much, like saving from photoshop to an external, or playing an AVI movie from an external could corrupt the file. I guess it’s possible…

Does this feature already exist? I dunno, since my Macbook is currently caput. But if not, there’s my two cents. Scrivener itself as a program has been completely awesome. But I think now I know why some people still use old typewriters.


If you can afford to buy Leopard, the “double-save” feature does exist.
It’s called Time Machine. Full and automatic backups to an external drive of your choice.
Sorry about your loss.

There is going to be a backup preference in the next version that allows you to specify a backup location and how many levels of backup are kept. Scrivener will back up to that location upon quit and also, optionally, at given time intervals. So this should do what you want.
All the best,

Yes, I echo that. But if you don’t want to get Leopard, there are a fair number of back-up applications on the market, some very low cost, which you can set to do an automatic back-up at a specific time. My computer does a bootable back-up at 3 a.m. every morning.


Since SCR auto saves I never hit “save” but rather when I am done for the night I select the Back Up Project To feature to a networked drive before shutting down for the evening.


TIme machine is nice. Also Thumb drives ave very in expensive and easy to manually save a copy to for “off site” backup.

Thanks for the input! I’m still fairly new to OSX, so I’m still learning it’s quirks.

I think I’ll buy the new Scrivener for that new feature alone :slight_smile: Till then, I gotta be more careful and backup after every session.

It will be a free update, so if you own Scrivener already you won’t have to pay.
All the best,