[Suggestion] the menus could use some re-organizing

The logic of the menus could use some rethinking.

For example, I think it would make sense to keep menu items that deal with customizing the interface together.
Right now, themes (including loading and saving them) is under “window”, while the actual customization of the themes is in Options under File.
There are a bunch of things in View that are really customizations (it’s weird to set most colors in options, but status colors is in under the Project menu – and then where to use that is under the View menu), while others would make more sense grouped with things in the Window menu.

As a (former) programmer, I can imagine how this came about, as the concept for the application changed over time, but I think at this point, it is just making Scrivener more confusing for newcomers – and I find myself losign time because i’m hunting for items I can’t remember where they are.

The “View” options apply only to the current window, while the “Project” settings become part of the project and will apply no matter what device opens it.

Also, since a major upgrade is currently underway, it would be helpful to say which version you are using.


I’m using Windows Beta

Yes, i can see the logic behind how they are the way they are now, but as a (longtime, daily) user of the software, it is confusing. If there is any interest in re-thinking the menus, i’d be happy to write out a more thorough comment on where i see the inconsistencies.

Topic moved to beta forum.

Actually, one of the goals of the redesign has been to make the menus more consistent, so that people who aren’t longtime users can find things more easily. Of course, this means that those of us who’ve gotten used to the program’s quirks are temporarily confused.


May I support this idea or (fully)) reorganising the menus ?

For exemple all “tools” should go in a “tools” menu as it was before.
They have (really) nothing to do in Edit menu.
Also, some “project” related options are scatered all over the place.

It is a big mess imho (well, probably not so humble, but anyway ;P)